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Bachelor of Science in Communication: Media Studies

Requires 120 hours
University Studies
(55 semester hours)
(12 semester hours)
COM201Effective Speaking3
COM203Group Communication3
ENG109College Writing I3
ENG110College Writing II3

(15 semester hours)
 Two Humanities Courses6
 Philosophy Course3
 Literature Course3
 Fine Arts/Theater Arts Course3

Natural Sciences and Mathematics
(9 semester hours)
MATH113College Algebra3
 Chemistry/Physical Science Course3
 Biology Course3

Religious Studies
(6 semester hours)
 Religious Studies Courses6

Social Sciences
(12 semester hours)
SS305Political and Economic Power3
 Two Social Sciences Courses6
 History Course3

US 100 Student Strategies
(1 semester hours)
US100Successful Student Strategies1

Major Courses
(42 semester hours)
At least one half of the major courses must be completed at Spalding University.
COM204Interpersonal Communication3
COM205Argumentation and Debate3
COM213Introduction to the Media3
COM245Understanding Media and Culture3
COM250Computer Mediated Communication (CMC)3
COM300Principles of Communication3
COM308Principles of Mass Communication3
COM328Public Relations3
COM330Introduction to Digital Multi-Media3
COM404Digital Multi-Media II3
COM481Communication Senior Capstone Experience3
 COM443 Internship3
 COM214 Internet Radio Workshop (take three times for total hours needed)3

(23 semester hours)


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