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Morrison Hall

               Index of Key Events in Spalding University History
Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Founded || Nazareth Academy Opens || Rankin Mansion Purchased || Nazareth College Opens in Mansion || Nazareth College Certified by SAC || Nazareth Becomes 4-year Institution || Auditorium and Gymnasium Built || First Baccalaureate Degrees, Bardstown || Administration Building Erected || African Americans Part of Student Body || First Nursing Degrees in Kentucky || 850 S. 3rd Purchased || Our Lady of Louisville Residence Hall || Nazareth College Named Catherine Spalding College || Science Building || Library Built || College Becomes Coeducational || Spalding College in Bardstown Closes || Spalding College Becomes Independent || Spalding College Becomes Spalding University || Egan Leadership Center || Presentation Ownership Transferred to Spalding || Greenups Purchased || University Acquires Holy Rosary || Holy Rosary Closes || JoAnn Rooney Named President

1812 Sisters of Charity of Nazareth founded.  
1814 The first school opened in a log building under the direction of Ellen O'Connell.  (This became recognized as the foundation date for both Nazareth Colleges.)  The school was Nazareth Academy. 
1822 Nazareth Academy moved to Nazareth (near Bardstown) with 25 students. 
1825 Nazareth’s first graduate received a diploma from Henry Clay. 
1829 The Academy was chartered by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 
1896 Nazareth Alumni organized. 
1913 The Academy received standard high school accreditation by the University of Kentucky. 
1918 The Rankin Mansion Purchased

The Nazareth Literary and Benevolent Institution purchased the Rankin Mansion at 851 South Fourth Street for $75,000.00.  Designed by architect Henry Whitestone and built in 1871, the Italian Renaissance home was originally owned by Joseph T. Tompkins, a dry goods merchant.  Read a more detailed history of The Mansion. 

1920 Nazareth College opens in the Mansion.
College founder Mother Rose Meagher, SCN, was the President.  Read an account of the opening and the first year. 
1921 Nazareth Junior College opens on the Bardstown campus. 
1922 Nazareth Junior College approved to grant Kentucky teacher certificates. 
1923 First Junior College degrees granted on the Bardstown campus.
1924 Mother Mary Catherine Malone named President of Nazareth College in Louisville and Nazareth College in Bardstown. 
1925 Nazareth College is accredited by the Kentucky State Department of Education. 
1929 Nazareth College obtains membership in the Association of American Colleges. 
1931 Library wing added at the back of the Mansion. 
1933 Chemistry and Biology laboratories are added. 
1934 The chapel is furnished. 
1936 Mother Ann Sebastian Sullivan named President of Nazareth College in Louisville and Nazareth College in Bardstown. 
1938 Nazareth College is certified by the Southern Association of Colleges.
1938 Nazareth Junior College becomes a four-year institution. 
1938 Sister May Anastasia Coady named President of Nazareth College in Louisville and Nazareth College in Bardstown. 
1939 Auditorium/Gymnasium built to be shared by Nazareth College and Presentation Academy. 
1940 Convent built on behind the Mansion.  Thomas J. Nolan, who had designed the Library wing, designed the structure to include faculty residences, a cafeteria, and a home economics laboratory. 
1940 First Baccalaureate degrees granted on the Bardstown campus. 
1942 Administration Building is erected.  Designed by Nolan, the building is located in front of and to the north of the Mansion and is attached to the Mansion by a passageway.  The building houses administrative offices, classrooms, and laboratories. 
1950 African Americans become a part of the regular student body. 
1950 Nazareth College becomes the first school in Kentucky to grant a baccalaureate degree in Nursing.
1951 Margaret Gertrude Murphy, SCN, is named President of Nazareth College. 
1953 Rooms added to the north end of the Convent:  The Marian room, the Memorial Dining Room, and additional dormitory space. 
1959 850 South Third purchased to be used by the Guidance Center. 
1959 951 South Fourth purchased for the eventual use as a residence hall. 
1961 Our Lady of Louisville residence hall is designed and built by Robert A. Nolan.  Occupancy, 110. 
1961 Mary Charlotte Fowler, SCN, is named President of Nazareth College.  She was the first President of Nazareth College independent of Nazareth College in Bardstown and the first President to reside at the Louisville campus. 
1961 Nazareth Junior College is renamed Nazareth College of Kentucky. 
1963 Nazareth College is renamed Catherine Spalding College. 
1965 Construction begins on the Science building at the corner of Breckenridge and west of Third. 
1966 Last class graduated from the Nazareth College of Kentucky academy or high school division. 
1967 Library is completed north of science building.  Architect Robert A. Nolan designed both the library and the science building. 
1968 Catherine Spalding College becomes coeducational. 
1968 Second wing of the residence hall is completed.  Both wings renamed Morrison Hall. 
1969 The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth consolidate Catherine Spalding College in Louisville and Nazareth College of Kentucky in Bardstown into one institution with two campuses.  The new institution is renamed Spalding College. 
1969 Eileen Egan, SCN, becomes the President of Spalding College. 
1971 Spalding College in Bardstown closes after its 157th commencement. 
1974 The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth relinquish control of Spalding College.  It becomes an independent corporation governed by a lay Board of Trustees. 
1975 The new charter goes into effect. 
1984 Spalding College becomes Spalding University. 
1988 Houses at 957 and 961 South Fourth are purchased, space for a Spalding parking lot.  A five-year dispute with the city follows over demolition of historic buildings. 
1993 The Egan Leadership Center is completed at Fourth and Breckenridge, containing a lecture hall, bookstore, deli, and conference and classrooms. 
1994 Tom Oates is named as President of Spalding University. 
1994 McAuley buildings at 597 and 961 South Fourth razed. 
1995 The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth transfer ownership of Presentation Academy to Spalding University. 
1996 Greenups building at 838 South Fourth Street is purchased and converted into an International Culture Center. 
1997 Spalding University acquires Holy Rosary Academy from the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine, KY. 
2001 Holy Rosary Academy is closed. 
2002 JoAnn Rooney is named President of Spalding University.