Volume 49 & 50

In Issue 49, we have fiction by Jody Lisberger, Charles Merkel, Rachel Hass, Nathan Oates, and Rishi P. Reddi and poetry by Clare Banks, Julie Brook Barbour, Frederick Smock, Christian Barter, Richard N. Bentley, Linda Bieler, Robert Cooperman, Mary Agnes Dalrymple, Lois Marie Harrod, Bea Opengart, April Linder, Jody Burke-Kaiser, Mary Winters, Jane Mayhall, Ken Waldman, Nana Lampton, Claudia Emerson, Jack Ridl, Deborah DeNicola, David Brendan Hopes, Lynn Domina, David S. Cho, Rebecca Howell, Ron Mohring, Richard Cecil, Dorothy Howe Brooks, and Elizabeth Oakes. The Children's Corner includes work by Emma Sinai-Yunker, Reilly Kavanaugh, Rebecca Edwards, Rachel Ziegler, Ellen Wernecke, Hannah Epstein, Joshua Shapiro, and C. J. Morrissey. Cover picture by Tom Oates. Cover design by A. J. Reinhart.

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