Volume 63

Cody Lumpkin
Shawn Fawson
Merle L. Bachman
Leatha Kendrick
James Doyle
Robert Grunst
Matt Vetter
Stuart Jay Silverman
Joe Schmidt
Gwenn A. Nusbaum
George Looney
Charlotte McCaffrey
Carrie Shipers
Meg Thompson
David Lunde
Christine Swanberg
Alison Prine
Daniel Lusk
Trish Lindsey Jaggers
Marci Rae Johnson
Ed Madden
Lynn Domina
Susan Varnot
Frederick Smock
James Magorian
Jack Ridl
Ronald Wallace

Cover photo and design by
Flora Naslund
Kilean Kennedy
Benjamin Chambers
Laura van den Berg
Troy Ehlers
Cate McGowan*
Daniel DiStasio
Cliff Wieck
Amy Tudor

Ashley McCullough
Nancy McCabe
Marie Lawson Fiala
Nancy Jensen

Kim Stinson

The Children's Corner
Mario A. Ferguson
Kaitlin Marshall
Katie Belgard
Daniel Bonnett
Joelle Engolia
Marie Renee Zehnder
Jason Ervin
Dana Lotito
Meghean Mayeur
Monica Gates

*Our sincere apologies to Ardmore Publishing, Violet Grey Witherspoon, and Cate McGowan for omitting acknowledgments. The poet, Violet Gray Witherspoon, (and her book, Lest You Forget; The Poems of Violet Witherspoon, published by Ardmore Publishing Company, Atlanta) are real entities. Excerpts from Witherspoon's poems are used by permission. All other elements in "How Can You Title Longing?" are pure fiction.

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